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Emergency Information

If you are experiencing a fire or police emergency, please call 911 Immediately!

Flooding Water or Sewage Emergency:

For flooding water, please search for the water shut off either for that specific commode, faucet, sprinkler system or other fixture and shut off the water supply immediately. It may be necessary to locate the main water shut off and shut the water off to the house to effectively stop the flooding. Use towels or other items to soak up as much water as you can. If needed, pull back the corner of the carpet that is wet and use fan to start the drying process. As soon as these steps are complete, please notify us with a repair request so that we may take additional steps as necessary. You can often get assistance handling these type of emergencies by contacting the city water department for which you get service and they will help you shut off the water.

* Before shutting off the main water supply, always fill the bathtub half full of water, or a couple of buckets of water. This will provide you an emergency supply of water for personal hygiene or operate the commode until the repair is made.

For flooding sewage, use a plunger or other device as needed to try to clear any easily accessible blockage. Use towels or other devices such as a mop to control or stop the flooding sewage from spreading and soaking the carpet. Please notify us immediately with a repair request so we can take appropriate action.

Storm Damage or Leaks

North Texas Storms can be scary and cause considerable damage. They also present unique challenges in that repairs cannot usually begin to be made safely until the storm has passed. If the property you lease is damaged during a storm, please report it immediately via a repair request so we can take appropriate actions.

A/C or Heat Failure

Certainly, we know how important the A/C is to survive the Texas Summer. You have our commitment that we will do whatever we can to facilitate a repair as soon as possible. However, there is nothing we can do if your A/C or heat fails in the middle of the night. Please report your repair request as soon as possible to us and we will make your repair a priority.